Kim Harvey Creamer Interiors


Interior Design encompasses many degrees of variation.  On one extreme, designers are very precise in adhering to specific time periods and genres.  At the other extreme a designer may paint a wall royal blue only because the client told them blue was their favorite color.  In either case, the argument can be made that both designers are correct in

their approach.  At Kim Harvey Creamer

Interiors, the approach is simple: This is your

home, and when you walk into it I want you to

feel an overwhelming sense of joy and

satisfaction as you see your own personality

in your surroundings. 

I take a great deal of pride in getting to know

and understand my clients needs and personalities

so that the both of us can create a home that

speaks to them. 

My Design Philosophy is simple:

It’s your home, and when you walk in you are amazed because its a reflection of you.

My Philosophy of Interior Design